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🤰 Listen to your Baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your home! 💓

Expecting a new baby is a joyous and probably the most fulfilling part of a mother's life but, it also involves overwhelming pregnancy related anxiety that can cripple your day to day life. 

However, much of the anxiety is absolutely useless and frankly you don't have to deal with it.

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So, do yourself a favor and get rid of all the useless worry & fear regarding your baby’s health by getting your hands on this modern marvel that previous generations of moms-to-be were deprived of. 

Not only, you'll have peace of mind, but this relief and joy in a box will also create a great opportunity for you to bond with your baby by sharing the magical moment of listening to your little angel's heartbeat with your loved ones.

"Hands Down - The Best Pregnancy Gift Ever! 💓"

Our best selling doppler will make for a perfect gift for yourself and your fellow pregnant friends. Don't miss out on the best thing you can buy during your pregnancy! 

So, Cmo'n Now! what are you waiting for? It's an absolute must for any expecting mom. Hit that 'Add to Cart' button and buy yourself a worry-free pregnancy that you deserve😀

When can you hear fetal heartbeat on doppler?

Ideal time for use: Week 12 onwards

 How to Use Doppler at Home? 

This device is certified and 100% safe to use. 

Lie flat while keeping your legs straight and apply some gel to your abdomen. Gently move the fetal doppler over your abdomen until you locate the position of the baby's heart, after hearing regular heartbeats, the FHR value will be displayed on the doppler's screen providing you with peace of mind that your baby is doing well inside your tummy.

What will my baby's heartbeat sound like?

Your baby’s heartbeat is much faster than yours! It can resemble the sound of a galloping horse. You will be able to distinguish your heartbeat from your baby’s, as based on the heart rate and the sound, yours will be the slower one.


- 100% Safe to use at home (Certified)
- Ultrasound Frequency: 2.5 MHz

Note: Gel is not included in the package, however you can just scroll up and add the gel to your order.  

Delivery Time: 3-5 Business Days (Worldwide Shipping)

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Attention: This device is just to be used for listening to your baby's heartbeat. If you feel something is out of normal then make sure you consult a doctor and not just give yourself false reassurance by concluding something on your own. The device is not intended for diagnosing any condition. Also, please keep up with your pre-natal appointments as usual, this device should not be the reason for you to miss your doctor visits. Both your and yours baby's health is of utmost importance to us more than anything else.


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